CAROTID BODY – Carotid body tumour

A homogeneous tan-coloured nodule, 2 cm in maximum diameter, is resting between the internal and external carotid arteries. Metallic clips are seen at upper pole of the tumour. NB: The carotid body lies behind the common carotid artery at the level of bifurcation. To help identify this specimen a foreign carotid artery has been used; it was not possible to mount the tumour in its likely anatomical position.
This woman noted a lump in her neck at about the same time as a lump in her breast. Angiography suggested the neck lump might be a carotid body tumour, and this was excised. Histology confirmed a carotid body paraganglioma (chemodectoma). The breast lump was shown to be fibroadenoma.