This specimen consists of a longitudinally bisected left ventricle. The left atrium has been dissected to expose the mitral valve and the posterior cusp of the aortic valve. The left ventricle is thickened, measuring up to 2cm. There is patchy calcification of the aortic valve ring with thickening of the leaflets and fusion of the ventricular and left anterior cusps at the commissure. The anterior leaflet of the mitral valve also shows fibrosis and focal areas of calcification. The left circumflex coronary artery has been partially opened to reveal a focus of atherosclerosis. This has reduced the lumen of the artery to a pinpoint narrowing.
This elderly female was admitted to hospital in a collapsed state with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. Surgical repair of the aneurysm was undertaken and the patient collapsed postoperatively. Death was due to acute coronary insufficiency.