AORTA – Intra-aortic antemortem thrombus

This specimen consists of a longitudinally dissected segment of aorta, including the upper portion of the common iliac vessels. The aorta contains an antemortem thrombus 0.5 cm in length; this is attached to the antero-lateral surface of the aorta and extends for a small distance into the right common iliac vessel. Prominent Zahn's lines are seen on the surface of the thrombus.
This five-day-old neonate was delivered by caesarian section at 38 weeks gestation for failure to progress at second stage of labour. At delivery the liquor was meconium-stained and the baby appeared flat with low Apgar's. He later developed fits and became increasingly hypotonic with decerebrate posture. His condition deteriorated and he died following a bout of bradycardia. Postmortem examination showed death due to intrauterine anoxia.