SMALL INTESTINE - Acute myelo-monocytic leukaemia

Description of Specimen
There are two short lengths of small intestine displayed; the mucosal pattern is distorted by an irregular infiltrate, which has produced thickening; in some areas there are nodules with an umbilicated centre. There are areas of haemorrhage and ulceration. The serosal surface appears normal.
This young man was admitted to hospital on 9th October 1974, with a six-week history of abdominal pain; more recently, his abdomen had been distended, and he showed peripheral oedema. On examination, he showed a right facial nerve palsy, and a left testicular enlargement; the testes were removed, and showed a leukaemic infiltrate. Further examination established the diagnosis of acute myelo-monocytic leukaemia. He died on the 22nd November 1974.