MENINGES - Meningioma

A nodular tumour some 5 cm in diameter cut to display a pale, whorled surface; the cut surface also shows a thin narrow strip of the dura at the upper pole. There is a small area of haemorrhage on the surface of the dura.
This woman presented at the age of 55 with a history of two-to-three years of persistent headache over the right side of the head, with occasional epidsodes of vomiting. On one occasion, she lost consciousness and fell into her soup at a dinner party. Recently she had become withdrawn, depressed and unable to cope with her housework and, shortly before admission, she became drowsy and began to drag her right leg. On examination, she was found to have severe neck stiffness, bilateral ptosis and right-sided hemiplegia; the lesion was demonstrated by brain scan and, removed with good effect.