BRAIN - Astrocytoma and cerebral infarction

This shows, first of all, a coronal section through the anterior parietal area; the right side is expanded by a partly-haemorrhagic tumour mass, which has obliterated the ventricle; the convolutions on each side are markedly flattened. Beneath this specimen is part of the right occiptal cortex, showing an extensive infarct.
This man presented with left-sided fits, followed by severe headache; these dated back several months. He finally lapsed into coma after a major fit, and examination in April 1978 showed a marked rise in intracranial pressure. Emergency surgery was carried out, and the ventricular system drained. He was transferred for neurosurgery; partial removal of the tumour was achieved, but he died without improvement in his condition some two days after he had become unconscious. The histology of the lesion was that of an astrocytoma Grade II. We are not able to determine at what stage of his final illness the occipital infarction occurred.