BRAIN - Infarction: Carotid artery thrombosis

A coronal section of brain through the anterior parietal area, showing marked swelling of the white matter and, to a lesser extent, of the grey matter on the left with compression of the left lateral ventricle. Mounted with the specimen is the left carotid artery, showing occlusion by thrombus of the internal carotid artery from its origin. There is an atheromatous plaque extending downwards from the level of the bifurcation in the common carotic, and an atheromatous plaque can be seen in outline in the upper-third of the portion of the internal carotid artery present.
This man, at the age of 67, was admitted to hospital with urinary retention, and underwent a transurethral resection of the prostate. In the postoperative period he had difficulty breathing, attributed to asthma and emphysema, and approximately fourteen days after the operation his condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was shown to have a flaccid paralysis on the right side. At autopsy, the internal carotid artery on the left was thrombosed from its origin to the base of the skull.