BRAIN - Abscess right temporal lobe

There is a cavity some 3.0 cm across, lined by yellow exudate, lying in the right temporal lobe. In the deeper part of the cortex above this, there is an irregularly softened area which is rather poorly defined. This may be another abscess early in the stage of its evolution. The gyri are flattened and the lateral ventricle compressed, indicating increase in intracranial pressure.
This woman, who was diabetic and hypertensive, developed a squamous cell carcinoma in the right auditory canal. This was treated but recurred. She developed a middle ear infection, intracranial infection, and bronchopneumonia. At autopsy, tumour was found in the right middle fossa but not into the brain; sections of the abscess wall showed no tumour infiltration. The abscess, then, is to be regarded as a complication of infection occurring in the middle ear.