LOWER LEG - Ischaemic contracture

This is part of the lower part of an amputated leg; anteriorly and posteriorly the muscular tissue is degenerate and largely calcified. The bones and joints themselves appear intact.
Thirty eight years before, this man had suffered bilateral fractures of the femur in a motor vehicle accident. As a complication he developed an ischaemic contracture with gangrene of the left foot which led later to a lumbar sympathectomy. In the affected leg he had recurrent chronic osteomyelitis which in the year before amputation led to an abscess in the left calf; at this time the muscles of the calf were atrophied and extensively calcified; there was no movement of the ankle or toes but there was pulse demonstrable in the dorsalis pedis. The persistance of a discharging sinus in the upper calf and the general condition of the leg led to amputation.