DUODENUM - Penetrating ulcer

This shows the greater part of the stomach, and first and second parts of the duodenum; on the anterior wall of the first part of the duodenum, there is a punched-out perforating ulcer, approximately 1.5 cm. in diameter. There is some injection of the vessels round the ulcer, but there does not appear to be any exudate apparent.
This man was admitted to hospital at the age of 50, having been found unconscious at the bottom of a flight of stairs. He was a known alcoholic and hypertensive. He remained unconscious until he died 16 days after admission. At autopsy, he was found to have a fracture of the posterior part of the right parietal bone, with contrecoup injury to the left frontal area of the brain, together with brain-stem damage. The duodenal ulcer shown here was an incidental finding, and was found sealed by great omentum.