COLON - Multiple polyps

A length of large intestine showing six pedunculated polyps; these range in size from less than 1cm to approximately 2.5cm, and the length of the stalk is in proportion. The intervening mucosa appears normal.
This man presented with anaemia, and was found to have a carcinoma of the colon on radiological examination. The colon was removed and sent for pathologic assessment. The tumour extended through the full thickness of the colonic wall. Elsewhere there were scattered polyps including tiny (4mm) sessile dome-shaped nodules (likely hyperplastic polyps) as well as larger pedunculated (likely adenomatous) polyps, the largest measuring 3.5cm. The patient was also found to have a carcinoma of the kidney, and thrombosis of the left adrenal vein producing areas of haemorrhage and necrosis in the adrenal cortex.