STOMACH - Carcinoma

This shows the greater part of the stomach, opened anteriorly to show a large fungating polypoid tumour arising from the region of the lesser curvature; the posterior surface shows evidence of cirrhosal infiltration.
This man, at the age of 69, presented with a six-month history of weight loss, with lethargy and weakness. He was a diabetic of some 30 years standing. He was found to be anaemic (Hb.9.8 g.); a barium meal showed a large fungating tumour in the stomach, and biopsy showed this to be malignant. A total gastrectomy was carried out. He was readmitted 3 months later, complaining of difficulty in swallowing and, on examination, a mass was felt in the abdomen. He died a month later. At autopsy, tumour deposits were found in the left chest wall, and in the liver. He also showed bronchopneumonia and an empyema.