LIVER - Cirrhosis and hepatoma

A coarsely nodular, cirrhotic liver with, arising from the inferior surface, a large, partly encapsulated mass of tumour showing a number of areas of necrosis, both recent and old.
At the age of 60, this man was admitted to hospital with gastrointestinal bleeding. The diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver was established by biopsy. A few weeks after discharge he noted a lump in his abdomen and, on admission, the diagnosis of hepatoma was made at laparotomy, where a large abdominal mass attached to the inferior surface of the right lobe of the liver posteriorly projected to the anterior abdominal wall, and posteriorly had moved retro-peritoneally pushing the duodenum forward and to the left. The histology of the lesion was of a hepato-cellular carcinoma. He died several weeks later.