SMALL INTESTINE - Ulceration Meckel's diverticulum

A short length of small intestine, from which arises a diverticulum some 3.5 cm. long; the lumen is continuous throughout the length of diverticulum; in the upper part there is a small patch of necrosis and associated haemorrhage, with some apparent scarring of the muscular coat.
This child was admitted to hospital in April 1978 with a history of recurrent rectal bleeding and diarrhoea. A year later he again showed rectal bleeding, with some colicky, centraly abdominal pain and, at laparotomy, this lesion and a normal appendix were removed. Microscopically, the diverticulum was seen to be lined by gastric mucosa in its lower part, and by small intestinal epithelium in its upper part where the ulceration occurred.