PANCREAS - Solid and papillary neoplasm

The specimen consists of a large tumour mass. This appears to be encapsulated and contains a large area of cystic degeneration. The tumour is composed of multiple pale tissue nodules with intervening areas of haemorrhage and fat.
This 23 year old female was seen with a six month history of vague upper abdominal discomfort. On examination a mass was noted in the epigastrium and this appeared cystic on ultrasound. She underwent laparotomy and a large tumour was found to involve the body and tail of the pancreas. There was no evidence of metastases and the tumour was removed. Histologically this was shown to be a solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm (papillary low-grade carcinoma). This is a rare tumour most commonly found in young adult females. Histologically the tumour appears extremely cellular and has a distinctive papillary pattern with several layers of tumour cells overlying the thick fibrovascular core. The tumour has an excellent prognosis following adequate surgical excision.