BLADDER - Rhabdomyosarcom

This shows one-half of the bladder and proximal urethra. The terminal portion of one ureter is also seen. Anteriorly, the bladder wall shows a tumour mass, pale in colour, with an occasional area of haemorrhage on the surface, and with rolled edges. The tumour extends onto the posterior wall and into the urethra. The bladder wall is markedly trabeculated.
This child was admitted for the investigation of a recurrent urinary tract infection. Previous cystoscopy had shown some abnormal tissue; this was biopsied and reported as benign. An intravenous pyelogram showed an extensive filling defect in the bladder, and biopsy of this showed an embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. A total cystectomy was carried out, and the child has, to date, survived five years.