BLADDER - Carcinoma

This consists of bladder and prostate cut to display, in the fundus, a fungating carcinoma some 4 cm. in diameter. The muscular wall of the bladder shows thickening, and the prostate is moderately enlarged by a nodular hyperplasia. The appearances of the bladder wall suggest that tumour is infiltrating widely through it.
This man presented at the age of 71 years with a history of malaise, anorexia and weight loss for six months, with nocturnal incompetence, frequency, poor stream and haematuria over the previous 2-3 years. Investigation established the presence of a tumour, and a total cystectomy was carried out. The histology of the lesion is that of an undifferentiated transitional cell carcinoma. The tumour was shown to be infiltrating through the muscular wall to the serosa.