LUNG - Intralobar sequestration

This is a lower lobe of the left lung, mounted so that the basal part of each slice is directed towards the sides of the specimen jar. There are several cavities present; the largest of these is in the mid-zone of the lung, and measures 5 x 4 cm. There are other cavities arranged along the base of the lobe, measuring 3, 1.5 and 2 cm. in diameter. Much of the contents have been lost, but were described as consisting of inspissated khaki-coloured material, some of it putty-like consistency, and some apparently purulent. Histologically, the cysts were lined by ciliated bronchial epithelium, and some showed a growth of aspergillus.
This young man had a respiratory infection in 1973, and a chest film in 1974 showed multiple cystic areas in the left lower lobe. In 1976 he had cystic areas in the left lower lobe, and a respiratory infection with a cough and a little sputum; the chest film showed several spaces with fluid levels in the lower lobe. A bronchogram was done, and this showed some clouding of the basal bronchial structures, but no communication to the cystic spaces. A provisional diagnosis of sequestration was made. Further examination of the specimen showed an aberrant artery entering the lung in the postero-basal angle. The artery, which was 0.5 cm. in diamter, divided into numerous branches supplying the sequestrated segment.