LUNG - Abscess and bronchopneumonia

The upper portion of the pleura is thickened and shows some roughening of the surface with flakes of fibrin protruding. There is an abscess present approaching the pleura and measuring some 3 cm across at its widest. The wall of the abscess merges with consolidated lung. The abscess contains necrotic material. On the reverse of the specimen the consolidated lung is more clearly demarcated and the pleural thickening more apparent. In the lower specimen the pleural exudate does not cover the surface completely. The abscess cavity is larger and there is at least 1 small abscess in the consolidated lung closeby.
This man, who died at the age of 51, had spent some 2 weeks in bed with gradually worsening "influenza". At autopsy the lungs showed evidence of chronic obstructive respiratory disease and there was an empyema on the right.