LUNG - Small cell undifferentiated carcinoma

See also L123a
Specimen B contains bisected right and left kidneys, segments of liver and spleen and a portion of enlarged lymph nodes removed from the small bowel mesentery. A strip of mesenteric fat is attached to the nodes. All of the tissues show extensive infiltration by tumour. The tumour is solid and pale with focal areas of necrosis. Multiple nodules of tumour are seen within the liver, the majority of these contain foci of haemorrhage.
The patient, a 60-year-old man, had a past history of hypertension. He was a known smoker who consumed 25 cigarettes a day. He was admitted with a four week history of anorexia, weakness and weight loss, associated with intermittent dyspnoea. Chest x-ray showed an opacity of the left hemithorax with elevation of the left diaphragm and the suggestion of a mass above and behind the left hilum. He gradually deteriorated and died 19 days following admission. Histologic examination of tissue taken from the primary site and from each of the metastases showed small cell undifferentiated carcinoma.