LUNG - Squamous cell carcinoma

This specimen comprises the upper lobe of the right lung with the apical segment of the lower lobe in continuity. There is a cavitating tumour mass in the upper lobe; this measures 4cm in maximum diameter and contains friable pale tumour which extends into the apical segment of the lower lobe. The adjacent lung is compressed. In places the tumour cavity appears to be lined by a relatively thick pseudocapsule. Tumour can be seen infiltrating this capsule and extending towards the right main bronchus. The lung immediately adjacent to the tumour cavity shows lipoid pneumonia. There is a pronounced subpleural anthracosis and two lymph nodes situated in the hilum are also anthracotic.
This 66-year-old man presented with a small right upper lobe mass discovered incidently on routine chest x-ray. Radical right upper lobectomy was undertaken and the patient made an uneventful recovery. He re-presented seven months later with metastatic tumour in a left axillary lymph node. There was a further recurrence in the left groin nine months after this. He died as a consequence of metastatic disease, two years after his initial presentation.