The specimen is a hemisected semispherical tumour nodule measuring 5.5 cm in maximum extent. Cut surface of the tumour reveals a flesh consistency with widespread areas of dystrophic calcification, the latter being most marked in the central portion of tumour. Focal areas of haemorrhage are seen predominantly at the periphery. Tumour is attached to a thickened sheet of pleura.
The patient, an eight-month-old boy, was transferred from another hospital with a four months history of progressive wheeze and repeated respiratory infections. Chest x-ray at that time showed a large mass occupying the upper third of the right pleural space. CT scanning showed that the mass arose in the superior anterior mediastinum. The tumour was surgically removed and shown histologically to be a neuroblastoma. There was no evidence of any metastatic spread and the patient has remained well for five years with no evidence of recurrence.