UTERUS,TUBES & OVARIES - Leiomyosarcoma

This specimen consists of a uterus, both tubes and ovaries. the uterus is enlarged and expanded by a partly haemorrhagic mass of tumour, which extends for several cm. in distance through the external os. The protruding portion of the tumour is nodular, and does not appear to be ulcerated. The margins of the tumour appear well-defined and, in the upper quadrant, the tumour appears to be distorting the endometrial cavity. There is calcified fibroid, approximately 1 cm. in diameter; also apparent was a small fibroid present in the fundus.
This woman presented with post-menopausal bleeding for some 12 months. Shortly after the bleeding began she had a curettage, but the findings were essentially normal. On the present admission, curettings produced tumour tissue, described as a leiomyosarcoma. Eighteen months after operation, she was alive and well and showed no evidence of metastases.