OVARY - Benign teratoma (dermoid cyst)

The specimen is a rather thick-walled ovarian cyst, mounted to show a nodular bony area projecting into the cavity, together with a number of hair fibres. The keratinous debri which was present has been removed. Accompanying the specimen, radiographs showing that the bony nodules are, in part, formed by teeth.
This woman, at the age of 18, was admitted with abdominal pain and, on examination, was found to have a pelvic mass. At operation, a large left ovarian cyst was found that had undergone 360 of torsion, but without infarction; the right ovary was enlarged to approximately three times the normal size. Histology showed that both of these were benign teratomas, or dermoid cysts; the specimen mounted is from the right ovary.