UTERUS with Hydatidiform Mole and Foetus

The specimen consists of a pregnant uterus, opened to show a foetus and placental tissue which has undergone hydatidiform change. The placenta is beginning to separate, as evidenced by haemorrhage between it and the uterine wall. The histology was that of a benign hydatidiform mole.
This woman was originally seen at 16 weeks with slight bleeding; the following week she was admitted to hospital as the bleeding had continued and the uterus had not changed in size; the foetal heart could not be heard. Sonar examination of the abdomen showed the uterus to be enlarged and partly filled by homogeneous material; the HCG titre was 2,000,000 i.u./l. Seven days postoperatively the HCG titre was 16,000 i.u./l and month later was 1,000 i.u./l. She remains well.