UTERUS - Secondary carcinoma of the rectum

The specimen shows a uterus with a tumour infiltrate in the lower part of the body and cervix. From the side it can be seen that tumour tissue is present in the parametrial tissues. The endometrial cavity contains gelatinous material, suggesting that the obstruction may have been present for some time.
This patient presented at the age of 60 with a short history of rectal bleeding. She denied any recent change of bowel habit but had been tired and lethargic for a month. Rectal examination showed a hard craggy mass anteriorly, bulging into and fixed to the vagina. Abdominoperineal resection of the rectum was done, including the lower third of the posterior wall of the vagina. Four months later she had vaginal bleeding and examination showed recurrent tumour. A hysterectomy was then carried out. Some 4 months later she died with recurrent tumour of the pelvis and obstruction of the ureters.