OVARY - Pseudomucinous cyst adenocarcinoma

The specimen is a partly necrotic tumour showing small cystic areas, arising in the ovary and attached to the posterior surface of the uterus. There does not appear to be any spread outside the ovarian surface. There are areas of necrosis and haemorrhage apparent.
This woman was admitted at the age of 49 with a deep vein thrombosis and investigation showed pulmonary emboli. She was diabetic and grossly overweight (126 kg). While in hospital she improved slowly but developed abdominal pain and vomiting; her renal function deteriorated and she became pale and shocked. Blood cultures taken at the time grew an E. coli but Proteus mirabils was recovered at post-mortem. At autopsy disseminated intravascular coagulation was demonstrated. A mucocele of the appendix was also present.