OVARY - Ovarian tumour

This is a part cystic ovarian tumour with a smooth outer wall. The tube can be seen on the posterior surface. The cut surface shows nodules of tumour demarcated by thin fibrous septae. In several of these nodules very small cystic areas can be seen. The histology of the lesion is that of an endometrioid carcinoma - a lesion in which endometrial-like acini are present and in which the stroma is ovarian in type. Occasional acini are dilated and these form the small cystic areas seen in the nodules; the larger cystic areas are also lined by an endometrial type of epithelium. It is said that some 20% of all ovarian carcinomas are of this type, but the group forms only some 5% of the total number of ovarian tumours. It is most commonly seen in the elderly.
This woman presented at the age of 90 with confusion, congestive heart failure, and a pelvic mass. Death was due to a ruptured aortic aneurysm. No metastases were found from this tumour.