OVARY - Secondary carcinoma (stomach)

The ovary is expanded very considerably by tumour tissue. The serosal surface appears normal. The cut surface shows a cystic area in which there are remnants of bloodclot containing a discrete nodule of tumour which at 1 pole shows ovarian tissue in which there are the remnants of a corpus luteum haematoma. There is a further cystic area containing bloodclot and measuring approximately 2 x 1 cm. This may also be a corpus luteum haematoma although its origin is not as clear as the first described.
This patient presented originally with a carcinoma of the stomach and some time later presented with an abdominal mass. One ovary weighed 700 grams and the other 60 grams, and both were infiltrated by tumour with a pattern of adenocarcinoma infiltrating dense fibrous tissue consistent in appearance with an origin from stomach.