UTERUS - Squamous cell carcinoma cerviX

Specimen consists of a bisected uterus, part of the right broad ligament is still attached. There is an invasive tumour situated in the cervix, extending up through the lower segment into the uterine body. The surface of the cervix is completely eroded and ulcerated. Foci of necrosis and haemorrhage are present. The uterine body is enlarged and there is a moderate degree of induration. The uterine lumen contains purulent material. Microscopic examination of the tumour showed it to be an invasive squamous cell carcinoma.
This woman died unexpectedly at the age of 54 years and at postmortem was found to have a pulmonary embolism. The invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix with secondary pyometria was undiagnosed at time of death.