PANCREAS - Islet Cell adenoma

The specimen consists of much of the body of the pancreas; at the tail there is a circumscribed tumour approximately 1.5 cm in maximum diameter. The cut surface looks rather fibrous and pale.
This woman first presented at the age of 22 with a two-year history of urinary tract infections; renal calculi were demonstrated and the serum calcium was elevated. One parathyroid adenoma and 3 normal parathyroid glands were removed. Three years later she presented with hypoglycaemia; the cause could not be demonstrated until 2 years later when the present lesion was resected and a second adenoma of similar size was enucleated from the upper surface of the pancreas. Two years later there was evidence of recurrent hyperparathyroidism and her neck was again explored and 1 parathyroid adenoma and 4 probable adenomas were removed. (Multiple endocrine adenomas - Type I).