AORTA - Traumatic tear

The aorta has been opened to show an intimal tear approximately 1.5 cm long just below the ductus arteriosis. The aortic dimple at the site of the ductus is unusually large and one can see, on the pulmonary artery side of the ductus, a nodular protrusion into that vessel.
Approximately 4 weeks before his death, this man was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which he sustained a number of fractured ribs. He developed renal failure and died from perforation of the stercoral ulcer of the sigmoid colon. In chest injuries, the aorta can be torn in the region of the ductus arteriosis, which presumably forms a relatively fixed point against which the aorta moves in the shearing strains imposed by chest deformity. If the tear goes deeply enough, then death can occur from bleeding; on occasions an aneurysm can form at this site.