SKIN - Laceration

This shows two pieces of skin, the smaller marked with a portion of tattoo. The specimen has been mounted to demonstrate the relationship between the two wounds, which are some 3 inches apart. The wound on the right, which was on the right side of the neck, is roughly semilunar in shape, has jagged edges and, in the upper portion, shows saucering, indicating the direction in which the injury was inflicted - that is from left to right. The smaller wound shows the same features.
This man was involved in a fracas, which ended when he was stabbed in the neck with a broken beer bottle. The main wound extended to the vascular bundle, and there was a transverse laceration inch long in the internal carotid artery, with a inch tear in the internal jugular vein running vertically at the same level. This man survived long enough to reach Theatre, but died shortly afterwards.