The upper of the 2 specimens is formed by the epiglottis and upper trachea. Some 1.5 cm below the level of the vocal chords the trachea is obstructed by a fine web in which, in the centre, ar 2 fine holes separated by a thin membrane. In the lower oesophagus some 3 cm above the cardia there is an oesophageal stricture 1 cm long from which a piece has been removed for histology. The oesophageal wall is thickened and in the centre of the stricture the lining epithelium is ulcerated.
This child presented at the age of 11 years in status asthmaticus. An endotracheal tube was inserted as was a gastric tube. He recovered from this episode but 5 months later had an attack of wheezing, became unconscious, and died. These lesions are assumed to be a reaction to intubation.