CHEST WALL - Stab injury

Specimen is a block of chest wall taken from the right upper quadrant to include the nipple. Three incised stab wounds are present penetrating the skin. The first of these is situated 3.5 cm medial to the nipple and has a slightly curved upper border. This stab wound is slanted inwards and downwards measuring 1.1 cm in length. The second wound is present 3 cm lateral and 4 cm superior to the nipple being situated in the anterior axillary line. This stab wound again did not penetrate the full thickness of the chest wall. The third puncture wound is also situated in the anterior axillary line, being 6 cm below the nipple. This wound contains clotted blood. At postmortem examination it was found that this wound passed just below the 6th rib to enter the diaphraghm and the anterosuperior aspect of the right lobe of the liver.
This 28-year-old man was the victim of an altercation and received a total of 4 stab wounds. The fourth wound, not represented in this specimen, penetrated the pericardium and aortic arch. The resultant haemopericardium causing death.